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Altınbaş University is a (non-profit) foundation university founded by Mehmet Altınbaş Education and Culture Foundation as its most comprehensive social responsibility project in the field of education in 2008 with its exceptional academic staff and visionary institutional values, Altınbaş University is dedicated to creating and sharing knowledge to fulfill its mission of adding value to the society.

Altınbaş University is established with the aim of taking its place among the leading universities of the world with its strong academic staff, research and educational-instructional programs which meet international standards, opportunities to study abroad, and modern technical infrastructure to support the teaching-learning environment.

Altınbaş University, in line with the international education standards, rapidly reflects the advancements in technology on all facets of the academic life it offers. With its dynamic, innovative and research-oriented faculty, Altınbaş University aims to educate the brilliant young generation of the new century to become self-confident, open-minded, and technologically capable adults of the global information and technology society. Altınbaş University is awaiting students who will create new pathways into the dynamic future of the world.